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Sapich Brothers

NOTES :Later sons Ivan and Steve  

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Sapich Brothers Closed

It seems that it is not just that families are moving on but that the viability of these vineyards is challenged because of the lack of foresight and support of the local council. It will be interesting to hear more … Continue reading

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Not So ‘Lucky’

So I had the opportunity to go see what remains of that little ‘stone’ building recently. It is a little off topic, but I do find the story interesting. What I was struck by was the amazing view right back … Continue reading

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Mazuran’s …Yes !

The second visit to Mazuran’s now, a few weeks ago I chatted with Rado ( Senior ) and today with his youngest of three sons, also called Rado Hladilo. It was great to meet him and see the determination first … Continue reading

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