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The 2014 Challenge

So this was my thinking. It just seems a little contradictory to lament the passing of the  wonderful vineyards that once brought so much character to West Auckland whilst driving to the local wine shop to purchase an Otago Pinot. … Continue reading

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Ideal Wines


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Pacific Remains

Discovered that I had been passing this building for years and not realising that in fact, it is the remains of the Pacific Vineyards. This came about when I was chatting with Jack Morris yesterday about my mothers experience picking … Continue reading

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Interesting Encounters

Following the surprise at the speed at which the Mayfair building came down, I went back yesterday morning for another look. Talk to the new developer and got a bit more of the story. Was please that there was a … Continue reading

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Mayfair Conclusion

It is strange driving up Sturges Road today to discover that the great little building, that was the home of Mayfair Vineyards and that I had photographed on a week or so ago, is now history. Strange too that I … Continue reading

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