Muaga Vineyards

Muaga Vineyards
ROAD Candia Road

NOTES : Vic Zaremba – Saleman


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  1. Shelley O'Connor says:

    I’ve been reading a book called Fire on the Clay by Dick Scott (Auckland [N.Z.] : Southern Cross Books, 1979). There’s a few pages about Paul Groshek in there. He was from Slovenia, and made dry red wines, which he made free from additives, colouring, preservatives and the minimum for cane sugar required. According to the book, he was a founder of the New Zealand Grape Producers and Wine Manufacturers’ Association (Inc)

  2. Sir Bob Harvey says:

    I knew him well – he provided wine and Champagne for my 21st birthday in 1961 and I would call on him regularly when I worked at the NZ Herald. I have many stories to tell of this remarkable and interesting man. Bob.

    • stephen says:

      Hi Bob, Thanks for your comment. Was aware that you were a visitor up there – not sure how, maybe you mentioned it at a meeting at some point – or maybe it was a Metro article ? It would be wonderful to hear some of the stories you have if ever there was an opportunity – I would love to see and photograph the old cellar, think I have located the area but have not yet managed to hook up with the owners. Your comment has inspired me to keep going on this little venture. Thank You.

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