Mayfair Conclusion

It is strange driving up Sturges Road today to discover that the great little building, that was the home of Mayfair Vineyards and that I had photographed on a week or so ago, is now history. Strange too that I felt so upset – I have not ever met the family behind this great place, but can only imagine the struggles they would have been through in recent times seeing all this happen. Would be terrific to be able to meet them one day … who knows. If only I had more time to explore this place before it disappeared. I knew the real estate guy wasn’t up front with me when I approached him seeking some info about the sale. I was relieved when he told me the building was staying!

According to Jack Morris, Mate Ivicevich and Vic Ivicevich were behind Mayfair Wines and came to Henderson in 1948. ” Renowned for their Blackberry Nip ( original of course ) Vic made 42 different wines and liqueurs and was the first to produce and market Cold Duck Sparkling Wine.”
‘Wine Makers and Their Labels’ by Jack Morris

Rescued a few labels from the dump bin. I am pretty sure that Jack Morris would have produced this label for Mayfair.

29 May 2011 – Last time I saw the Mayfair building.


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