The 2014 Challenge

So this was my thinking. It just seems a little contradictory to lament the passing of the  wonderful vineyards that once brought so much character to West Auckland whilst driving to the local wine shop to purchase an Otago Pinot.

The first foray into this discovery was up to Matua Valley. I was pretty sure i read on their website that that had locally grown and produced wines, but on requesting found that this was not to be. From what I understand there was simply just not enough product last year to warrant production.

However the trip there was by no means disappointing. Steven who assisted us was able to show us a couple of the original vines from the vineyard ( more info to come I am sure ). He had decided they deserved the names of George and Mildred. They are proudly displayed just outside the tasting room

One of the original vines from the Matua Valley vineyard - now on display.

Not only that, but when we discussed a little of the history of the Spence family he went into a side room an produced a couple of old bottles – of  Spences Wines. That was unexpected.

Rod and Bill Spence were the founders of Spences Wines. A small family link in that it was at this Vineyard my mother picked grapes in the 50’s.

The bottles of course had Jack Morris designed and produced labels.

Spences Superb.jpgSpences Vin Rose.jpg








This visit will not be my last I am sure. Have to state that it was very rewarding to find the sort of energy and  enthusiasm – but this was only the beginning …



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