A Short Stop.

As often happens, the best things happen when you least expect it. Stopped on the way home from a trip into town on a recent Saturday. Stopped at a vineyard I often passed. Just as I did, was lucky enough to meet up with the owner of the property, a small 10 acre lot just out of Henderson. The vines, I was told, were more a hobby now. Yet again I heard the story of how the Council have just not supported this industry out West. I guess the reference would be regarding rates – but as I have heard this from several people now I really must get a better understanding of exactly what is behind this thought.

The owner, who shall remain nameless, told a bit of the story of his childhood, the returns from the vineyard enough to have raised him and his siblings.

I would be keen to spend more time hearing these stories. Left feeling like I am starting to hear the same things from many people out West … interesting.
Was fortunate to be allowed to create some images of what remained of this vineyard – and also to have the X100 in the car !

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