About This ‘Project’

Took the plunge and tried to write a little about this project. So much more comfortable with a camera in my hand than tapping on a keyboard. Still am feeling pretty good that I have made a start on this blog.
Already I feel like I have a good amount of encouragement stirring. The folk down at the local library were great, this I can tell will be a great resource.
It was suggested that I join the West Auckland Historical Society – seems so obvious now, I can not quite believe I had not thought about that already. Sent my cheque of the other day. As they have been collating material since 1977, I am keen to check out the archives at their research centre at Mill Cottage.
Picked up a book from the library –
‘Chancers and Visionaries – A History of Wine in New Zealand’ by Keith Stewart. Not read much yet but does provide great insight into the early business and politics of the wine industry.
One little snippet I did pick up and enjoyed was the story behind that little Corban’s building beside the railway tracks opposite the Corban’s Estate. This was necessary to circumnavigate the liquor laws at the time as the railway track was the border between ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ areas.
( pic – not such a great image – will need to go back ! )

Corbans – 16th January 2011


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