That Wonderful Corban Cellar Shop

The caption partnered to this photo from Dick Scott’s Winemakers of New Zealand ( 1964 ) reads, ” A monument to prohibition’s absurdities, the little building ( right ) is a depot where it was legal for A.A.Corban and Sons to sell their wines when it was illegal to do so from the cellars ( left ) where they were made. For ten years after 1908, the railway was the boundary between ‘ wet’ and ‘dry’ electorates. The depot still stands, preserved as part of history, the cottage has been merged with larger buildings but patches on the wall show where the three circular windows ( from Auckland’s old Town Hall ) were opened.”
I have yet to discover who took this photo – but will keep working on this one. It would be good also to know when this little cellar was last used commercially.

My version taken … 19th July 2010
I am presuming this view will change with the electrification of the rail network in Stage 2 of that project.

View from Great North Road with other Corban’s building in behind.
19th July 2010

Interior View, I am presuming that these wooden shelves would have been used for holding stock.
19th July 2010

I have to say I was surprised that the door had been broken down and large portions of the interior walls covered in graffiti. My understanding was that this building was being protected because of its heritage value. Symbolically this building represents so much and must be preserved and cared for far more than it currently is with the odd replenishment of the paint on the exterior walls. With the dual line going in much closer to the building – I can imagine vibration could be an issue over time. The line is much closer now than it ever has been. Be good to follow this up with the Council.


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