Collard Brothers Estate Revisited

I was last here about a year ago now and took shots at the far end of the property. There is a lovely old store room – which is still standing. At that time the building on the road was fairly much intact although not used. Driving past this morning I just could not go past without stopping as it seems that the buildings will disappear any day now.

Intrigued by the ‘Last Rose’

Article from Truwines News Service


The Collard family have decided Collard Brothers will no longer operate as winemakers; The family are selling their land on Lincoln Road in West Auckland, selling off their winery equipment and in future will concentrate of grape growing and farming on the Rothesay property in Waimauku.
Under the direction of Lionel Collard and the winemaking skill of son, Bruce Collard, Collard Brothers pioneered a new style of grape growing and winemaking in New Zealand, one which would form the basis of the wine industry’s international success. With varieties such as Riesling, Chenin blanc and gewürztraminer Collard’s established new quality standards for local wine producers.
As one of the first to believe in the close relationship between high-quality wine and sophisticated dining, Collard Brothers formed an early and lasting relationship with the restaurant community in Auckland and Wellington. Such fine food institutions as Antoine’s had Collard wines as standard on their wine list for decades.
In a statement Collard Brothers Limited directors Desma, Bruce and Geoff Collard said they were satisfied the time was right to cease grape growing and winemaking on the land, which was bought by J.W. Collard in 1910 and was initially an orchard before being planted as a vineyard in the 1940s.
The directors said a combination of factors was behind the decision to sell the Collard Brothers land and cease winemaking. The once-rural vineyard is now surrounded by industrial and commercial development and is no longer practical for a vineyard and winery.
The land value has risen to a point that the location does not provide an economic return for the landowners.
The directors have considered relocation but have decided the climate is not right to establish a new winery.

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