Pacific Remains

Discovered that I had been passing this building for years and not realising that in fact, it is the remains of the Pacific Vineyards. This came about when I was chatting with Jack Morris yesterday about my mothers experience picking grapes for Spences Wines, also on McLeod Road.

Jack’s Words from his book Wine Makers and their Labels

Quite a sizeable operation, with a large vineyard which was established in 1936. This vineyard is still owned by the family selling from the cellar and supplying to Sepelts Wines. Pacific has won many medals both in New Zealand and Overseas. Millie was the daughter of Joe Radaly from Forrest Hill Rd; one of the original winemakers of Henderson Valley. After Mijo’s death, Millie and her sons have carried on the business.

It’s a wonderful building – I would love to see what remains inside. I understand from Jack that unfortunately, Millie passed away last year. Would have been wonderful to experience hearing her stories.

The day was capped off by meeting up with Murray Gray from Going West books in Titirangi who I had met a couple days ago when searching for a few books. I had talked to him about my wish to perhaps meet with Dick Scott one day. I have asked him if he could search out a copy of Dick landmark book on Wine Makers in New Zealand. Murray has kindly loaned me a copy of the reprint of “Pioneers of New Zealand Wine” another of Dick Scott’s books, which includes wonderful photography by Marti Friedlander. It must have been great to have seen the industry out here in its prime. I guess I did but was too young to value it!

Murray is helping to organise the Going West Books & Writers Festival 2011 which is on later this year. I’ll be checking this out for sure. Info at

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  1. Darian Zam says:

    Used to walk past this twice a day for years on my way to and from high school, I remember it well.
    Here’s the Mayfair bottle for sale that I mentioned under another one of your posts:

  2. Lyn Mountier says:

    The photo shows the cellar of Adriatic Vineyards, near the Great Nth Rd end of McLeod Road. Adriatic Avenue was formed near the bottom boundary of the vineyard. Pacific Vineyards was on McLeod Road but it was near Sheehan Ave. Spences Vineyard was on McLeod Road where the Dutch village Ons Dorp is now located.

    • stephen says:

      Thanks for the information – seems like I am a little confused. Maybe it would be useful to work up a map of the road. Can’t recall now who told me this was Pacific.

      • GM says:

        Yes I think this is Adriatic Vineyards.

        Millie from Pacific vineyards is still alive. One of her son’s and one of her daughter’s have passed away. Her son, Michael Erceg who passed away in a helicopter crash owned Independent liquor and started his business on the McLeod Road vineyard before moving to larger premises in South Auckland.

        There were some more vineyards along the top of Te Atatu Road that I can’t seem to find on this site. I can’t quite remember the names of the vineyards. They were by Elcoat Ave.

        Antonovich’s Britannia on Edmonton Road is one of the last remnants in the area. This I believe has been sold out of the family recently.

  3. Alison Crosswell says:

    We have just found a bottle of.
    Reserve Port. Selected OLD TAWNY PORT. 20YEARS OLD, BOTTLE NO., 2434.
    It will be a lot older than this now as it has been with us nearly 30 yrs.
    It has won many awards since 1965.
    Any info on this would be Great.
    Thanks in advance.
    Alison Crosswell

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