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Following the surprise at the speed at which the Mayfair building came down, I went back yesterday morning for another look. Talk to the new developer and got a bit more of the story. Was please that there was a lot of consideration about the conserving of items from the building. Heard that the large barrels were going to Corban’s for their museum and that Peter Ivicivich had moved a lot of bits and pieces to another vineyard. Great !

All of this got me a bit inspired – even plucked up the courage to knock on the door of the Corban’s homestead on Sturges Road. Got the opportunity to travel to Henderson to where Assid Corban lives now and had an enjoyable hour with him. He kindly gave me permission to photograph him.

Assid Corban – Photographed in his home in Henderson.

Was very interested to hear his stories – particularly about his father’s photography. His desire to preserve the heritage of wine out west is infectious.

Spurred on by this I went to see if Jack Morris was home – he was, and again it was a privilege to hear some of his stories. I am amazed at just how much of the history of the families he can recall. I guess when you are dealing with so many over such a long time – things stick. He generously gave me another copy of his book of wine labels and kindly signed this. I am looking forward to hearing more of his recollections.

Went home and took one more stop this time to shoot the memorial to the ‘Pioneer Winemaker”. Interesting to note who is both listed and missing from this list.


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